Christina Morris Dressage - CMD Services - West Chester, PA
Christina Morris Dressage - Classical Dressage Training and Instruction through FEI
Christina  Morris Dressage
2016 Rates 

Private - Boarder
45 minute
Private - Haul-in
45 minute
Private- Schoolmaster
45 minute
$65.00 - $100 Minimum 1 lesson per week
10  session package
45 minute (used within 6 months)
Please inquire
20 private sessions
45 minute (used within 12 months)    
Please inquire
 Coaching at shows
Mileage, Hotel, meals when applicable
Outside of Pennsylvania- 
2 day minimum
4.5 day maximum
 Please inquire

Full Training
5 days a week
Partial Training
3 days a week
4-5 days + Shows
Please inquire, prices are TBD and by individuals needs
2 week Full Training
6 days a week w/Board
1 week Full Training
Same as above
Full Board -
Grain- High fat/fiber, Low starch/sugars premium feeds from Nutrena and Southern States.
Hay- Timothy, Alfalfa, and grass.  Bedding - Shavings. 
Layup Board
All boarding option include:
  • Daily grooming
  • Tack cleaned after each use.
  • Laundry cleaned, rolled/folded and put away. *Blanket cleaning/repairs not included but can be arranged with direct billing to the service provider.
  • Clipping (muzzle, bridle path, fetlocks) Show Prep - Clipping, bathing, 
  • All Blanket/Boot changing 
  • Scheduling and attendance for vet/farrier
  • Basic supplies provided - Fly spray, shampoo and conditioner, hoof oil, leather cleaning supplies.
Layup care include:
  • Wound care 
  • Scheduling and attending all appointments.
  • Administering medications
  • Cold hosing, foot soaking.
  • Hand walking, grazing 1-5 times a day per needs
  • Leg wrapping
  • Extra hay/bedding                                                         

STALL CAMERAS-  360 view of your horse day and night (with night vision) this is a wonderful ease of mind when you are away.  100% accessibility to move the camera from your computer or phone with internet connection. 

 Credit cards and Paypal payments are excepted.