Christina Morris Dressage - CMD Services - West Chester, PA
Christina Morris Dressage - Classical Dressage Training and Instruction through FEI
 Training is our primary focus, competition is icing on the cake. Our horses and riders compete at the regional and FEI levels.  

We are very excited for the group of horses right now in the program under Lorinda and Christinas tutelage.  Our sights over the next two seasons are -mFEI Young Horse classes, 1st year Grand Prixs and FEI divisions.  Devon, BLMS and GAIGS are always an enjoyable welcome to round out the season. 
Our UBER talented horses from time to time are available for sale, and in many cases end up staying in our program. WIN! - WIN! - WIN!

 Our days in the barn together are filled with non-stop laughter and banter.  This is a close knit "family" environment, with extraordinary training, hands down that is what sets us apart!

Christina  Morris Dressage Rates 

(Please contact Lorinda (e)-, (h)(610)692-2020
 for more information on her current rates and availability.)

Full Training
5 days a week
Partial Training
3 days a week
4-5 days + Shows
Please inquire, prices are TBD and by individuals needs
2 week Full Training
6 days a week w/Board
1 week Full Training
Same as above
Full Board
Layup Board
All boarding option include:
  • Daily grooming
  • Tack cleaned after each use.
  • Laundry cleaned, rolled/folded and put away. *Blanket cleaning/repairs not included but can be arranged with direct billing to the service provider.
  • Clipping (muzzle, bridle path, fetlocks) Show Prep - Clipping, bathing, 
  • All Blanket/Boot changing 
  • Scheduling and attendance for vet/farrier
  • Basic supplies provided - Fly spray, shampoo and conditioner, hoof oil, leather cleaning supplies.

  • NOT ONLY IS SPYING FUN!  But the 360 view of your horse day and night (with night vision) this is a wonderful ease of mind when you are away.
  • 100% accessibility to move the camera from your computer or phone with internet connection.
Layup care include:
  • Wound care 
  • Scheduling and attending all appointments.
  • Administering medications
  • Cold hosing, foot soaking.
  • Hand walking, grazing 1-5 times a day per needs
  • Leg wrapping
  • Extra hay/bedding                                                         

Private - Boarder
45 minute
Private - Haul-in
45 minute
Private- Schoolmaster
45 minute
$65.00 - $100 Minimum 1 lesson per week
10  session package
45 minute (used within 6 months)
Please inquire
20 private sessions
45 minute (used within 12 months)    
Please inquire
 Coaching at shows
Mileage, Hotel, meals when applicable
Outside of Pennsylvania- 
2 day minimum
4.5 day maximum
 Please inquire
 Credit cards payments are excepted.  A 2.75% fee will be applied to your monthly invoice.  Exception: Payments made in advance will have the credit card fee waived - Thank you!